Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Made it to Chennai

Greetings from Chennai,
After a couple of days of flying I made it safely to Chennai. My flight arrived right on time at 4:00 am. The flights and layovers were uneventful, which is always nice.
Pastor Ude met me at the airport and took me to his apartment where I am now. We have a few hours to rest up and clean up then it's off to run some errands around the big city of Chennai. We will leave tomorrow and head north. We will spend an afternoon/evening visiting in the Nellore district then off to spend 5 days traveling through and teaching at two of the more distant pastoral training districts of the BELC.

Not much has happened yet so not much to report. Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it here safely.

Beth and the kids are doing fine at home. Thanks for all your prayers.

In Christ,
Pastor O.

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mgurath said...

Hey Todd! Lord's Blessings on the trip and the work. Hooray for the Institute's 10th anniversary!